15 healthy snack ideas for adults

In today’s busy workplaces, snacking-or even dining at one’s desk has become the norm. Unfortunately, this fast-paced business climate doesn’t allow employees much time to seek out healthy goodies, leaving them mainly at the mercy of office vending machines or fast-food establishments. Here are six healthy snack ideas one can carry to work that is not only filling and delicious but also high in nutrients and low in fat and calories.

Here are 15 healthy snack ideas for adults

1.Small Sandwich

Having a large-sized sandwich for a regular lunch as a snack is too big for an afternoon, so it is advisable to have a small version. You can choose whole grain bread and have lots of veggies and top up with a slice of a ham or turkey breast. This small sandwich offers a more substantial number of vitamins, and all require minerals with less than 300 calories.

2.Apple and Peanut Butter

This snack is more like a fruit and nut, but it is fun to slather little peanut butter onto a fresh apple slice. The apple snack is loved by many as it has had a high level of fiber. Adding natural peanut is the best choice since it has no added sugar you can opt for almond butter with your favorite fresh fruit or cashew butter and all these will do magic to your snack

3.Fruits and Yogurt

Yogurt is excellent food when added to your diet, but they are not good if added some sugary mix-ins. You can take a plain yogurt like the plain Greek yogurt and add some fresh berries and stir, and this will make a tasty snack. It is rich in protein, calcium and other beneficial probiotics which are about 150 calories.

4.Rice cake

A plain rice cake is another great snack with a low level of calories and relatively bland, making it a good base for all topping. You may add an egg salad sandwich filling. Having 2 rice cakes added with a ¼ cup of some egg salad contains eight grams of protein and a lot of Magnesium , zinc and selenium and about 260 calories.

5.Cottage and crispbread.

The crispbread is made of dry and flat cracker made with the rye flour and also available in multigrain and whole wheat versions. They are delicious, but they may be a tastier snack if topped up with delicious and healthy topping like the cottage cheese which is rich in calcium and protein. You may use the nut butter, lean meat or fruit preserves as a topper for this snack.


Popcorn is one of healthy snack you can have around because they are rich in fiber and low in calories as long as you don’t top it with melted butter. Taking a regular bag of popcorn as a snack is less than 300 calories. If you feel you need something as a topper to spice up your popcorn sprinkle parmesan cheese.

7.Fresh nuts and fruits

At times the best snack is the simple ones like fresh fruit and a handful of nuts. With this snack, you will get enough minerals, fiber, vitamins and healthy fats with less than 200 calories. You can try a combination of bananas with walnuts or pecans as they are all delicious and good for your health.

8. Crackers and Tuna

Buy whole wheat crackers then slice up the stalk of celery and add some canned tuna, and this is a delicious snack with a high level of protein, fiber and omega three fatty acids which your body needs every day. It is low in calories as six crackers, and 3 ounces of tuna have 200 calories.

9. Fresh Veggies and Hummus Dip

Hummus may contain a lot of ingredients but at the base have the chickpeas and tahini and a sesame seed paste. The chickpeas are nutritious as they don’t have saturated fat or any cholesterol and are rich in proteins. They help in preventing cholesterol in building up in your blood vessels and help in maintaining blood sugar level.

10. small salad.

Taking a fresh and crisp salad will help you wait until dinner time. The snack is made of green salad, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, and nuts. A simple garden salad is low in calories and rich in vitamins fiber and minerals. Add a small dressing of salad or vinaigrette. The dressing may add 200 calories per 2 teaspoons but pack some lemon or lime wedge to squeeze on your salad at snack time.

11. soap

Taking a cup of soap is soothing and warm on a cold day. Taking a leftover soap can be an excellent snack for the next day. It is advisable you take vegetable soap as it has a lot of nitrates. Always look at the calories count as they vary.

12. Guacamole on Celery Sticks

You may drop a lot of unnecessary fat and calories fat by applying guacamole to a crisp celery sticks. The Guacamole is made with avocado thus high in nutrients and monounsaturated fats making it a sweet snack.

13. Dried fruits

This snack can satisfy that midafternoon sweet tooth since it is rich in fiber, Avoiding adding a lot of sugars have a moderate snack.

14.Dark chocolate

There is nothing with taking chocolate as a snack it is rich in magnesium and natural stress reliever.

15. Roasted Chickpeas

These are snacks rich in protein and low in calories.